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Need Private Tutoring?

At More To Learn Tutoring, We Help Your Child Increase Reading & Writing Skills, And Build Academic Confidence… all while being in the comfort of your own home!

To All the Exhausted Parents Struggling with Helping Their Child Learn To Read…

You're Struggling With:

  • Worrying that your child is falling behind in reading and won't be able to keep up with their peers

  • Being concerned that your child is struggling with reading comprehension or phonics and needs additional support to improve their skills

  • Feeling frustrated with the lack of progress your child is making in reading and wanting to explore online tutoring as an effective solution

  • Noticing a lack of interest or motivation in your child when it comes to reading and seeking online tutoring to make the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of helping your child with reading and wanting to enlist the help of an online reading tutor to provide expert guidance

And All You Want Is To:

  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your child is making significant progress in their reading skills

  • Support your child in developing strong skills in reading and writing through tutoring

  • Instill a love for reading in your child, fostering a lifelong passion for books and learning

  • Ensure that your child receives individualized attention and tailored instruction that takes into account their unique learning style and pace

  • Expand your child's vocabulary and language skills through engaging reading activities and guided practice

  • Equip your child with effective reading strategies and techniques that they can apply across various subjects and academic tasks

  • Empower your child with confidence in their reading abilities, helping them approach new texts and challenges with enthusiasm and self-assurance

We’ve Got Exactly What You Need!

Your Child’s Online Literacy Tutoring Program

Gain peace of mind, knowing that your child will increase in reading abilities, and enjoy a rewarding learning experience, all through the convenience and safety of online reading tutoring.

Our Curriculum Is Developmentally Appropriate!

We integrate a combination of curriculum to create a strategic, sequenced, and progressive approach that ensures your child is consistently instructed in a way that is beneficial to their growth and directly targets their personal areas of need.

Your Child Will Develop ALL the Skills Needed for Success!

In our online tutoring sessions, we teach the 5 pillars of reading - phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension - in an engaging, hands-on way! Students practice and learn reading literature and reading informational standards, as well as writing, speaking and listening, and digital learning standards.

And Because We Always Overdeliver...


We Only Have 3 Spots Left in Our Program


Choose the Program That Works Best For Your Family!

Due to high demand, our classes fill quickly. Please register soon to ensure your child receives a spot! If there are available spots, your child will be put on the waitlist.

Eager Reader

2-Days Per Week

Perfect for the student needing support to maintain grade level.

Private 1 -1 Tutoring

+ Access to All Your Bonuses!

Devoted Reader

3-Days Per Week

Perfect for students needing extra support to reach grade level.

Private 1 -1 Tutoring

+ Access to All Your Bonuses!

Avid Reader

4-Days Per Week

Perfect for students significantly below grade level needing extra support.

Private 1 -1 Tutoring

+ Access to All Your Bonuses!

Your Child Will Thrive By:

  • Being Tutored By a Licensed and Loving Teacher!

    Our tutor holds an Advanced Masters Degree in Reading Education. loves working with children, and has over a decade of experience.

  • Gaining Confidence In a Protected, Safe Environment!

We utilize positive reinforcement techniques in a protected and safe environment, empowering students to take risks, make mistakes, and ultimately gain confidence in their reading skills. !

  • Receiving Individualized Curriculum!

Regardless of where your child is academically, we will help your child develop their literacy skills so they continue on their path of academic success!

  • Being Part of Private Tutoring for Maximum 1-on-1 Attention!

Your child will never fall through the cracks or be left out in our small classes! On the contrary: your child will get lots of 1-on-1, personalized attention!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


"Ms. Jeffery’s is an amazing tutor. She has helped my son tremendously. Thank you for all you have done for him!!"

Jeanette J.

"My son's has been tutoring with Ms. Jeffreys for some numerous of years now.. I must say she have patience like" Joe" . She really loves the kids and she loves what she do, and that is teaching! She really pulls the best out of a child no matter what the circumstance is. I will highly recommend her to anybody . She is such a sweet and genuine person." - Elisha E.

"My daughter loves Ms. Phylicia and has shown a lot of improvement. She is very knowledgeable, charismatic , has wonderful amount of patience and great activities to help. I highly recommend this tutoring." - Latishe A.

Got Questions?


  • Do parents have to be present?

No. You do, however, need to log your child into the online classroom at the start of each class, but then you can either stay or do other things you need to do.

  • Do I have to buy any extra supplies?

No. Our curriculum is designed to be hands-on and self-contained within our class each session so you don't have to buy any additional supplies.

  • Is it easy to access?

Yes. You can access our online classes on Zoom on any device where you have internet.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. However, there are no refunds. To ensure automated payments are canceled in time, send a cancellation notice 2 weeks in advanced.

  • What if I miss a class?

If your child isn't able to make it to class one day, that's okay! We'll reschedule the missed session!

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